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Velocity Compass Lift: What Your Lifestyle Requires

Our Velocity Compass Lift is perfect for people who want the better things in life, knowing that these are investments that always give back. Our Velocity Compass Lift, for instance, is an investment in value and necessity. It is the best option for people with two-level homes, regular guests, and residents with limited mobility. It is also a great investment in your home.

Quiet, Comfortable, Safe and Easy to Use

Made for up to three people or a person on a wheelchair, the Velocity Compass is defined by its ease of use and comfort. It is your choice home lift when you want a reliable group conveyance system. Plus, it comes with a built in overspeed protection system and an emergency lowering system. You can also alert about problems using your emergency telephone.

A Range of Lift Car Finishes and Shaft Finishes to Choose From

The Velocity Compass comes with a range of car and shaft finishes to choose from. Don't worry about how your lift will look alongside the interior design of your home. You're sure to get a lift that is tailor-fit and blends seamlessly with your interiors!

Fully Customisable and Install Anywhere

The Velocity Compass Lift is highly customisable. You can choose from a variety or accessories and doors. In fact, you can even use your own doors to ensure the design blends in well with your interiors. The Velocity Compass does not require any installation standards. You don't even need a structural lift shaft so you can install this practically anywhere.

Fail-safe Design + Fast Lead Time

The installation and operation of your home lift is also a breeze. Because our lifts are made in Australia, its design takes full consideration of our climate and community conditions. Lift delivery and installation is not marred by delay. Likewise, unlikely events, such as power failure, will activate your home lift's emergency battery power, and bring you to your destination safely.

Affordability that Comes With 24/7 Dedicated Support

Best of all, the Velocity Compass Lift is affordable and comes with 24/7 dedicated technical support. Talk to one of our project managers today for a free site assessment.

Low servicing and running costs

Our lifts only require servicing once a year to ensure it is kept in tip top condition.

The Compass lift is also extremely power efficient, which means no scary power bills!

Give us a call at 1300 008 607. You can also download our Velocity Compass Lift brochure by completing the form at the top of this page.

Compass Home Lift

Compass Home Lift

Compass Home Lift