Velocity Traction Platform Lift

Velocity Traction Platform Lift: Helping you stay at home longer

Our Velocity Traction Platform Lift is a vertical platform elevator that is perfect for passengers with reduced mobility between defined levels. It offers:

Energy Efficiency

Compared to hydraulic equivalent 30% improved energy efficiency and over 50% reduction in installed motor size. Energy class A (ISO25745) consideration.

Install Anywhere

True machine roomless solution with free-to chose control panel position anywhere in the building or in the landing door frame. Tailor made car solutions available

Minimal Noise

Extremely quiet operation (< 50 dBA). Reduced vibrations during running in any direction. No automatic relevelling required, thus reducing innecessary noise and energy consumption.

Environmentally Friendly

Environmentally friendly through absence of hydraulic oil. Gearbox oiled-for-life.

Easy Installation

Easy installation through low weight. Preassembly of guide rail elements (optional).

Maximum Safety

Maximum safety level through dual brake system. Emergency crown wheel safety block.

Superior Design

All mayor components manufactured in Germany. German design of steelwork.

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