What You Should Look For in a Residential, Home & Domestic Lift Company in Sydney

There are certain qualities to look for when you require the services of a residential, home and domestic lift company. Tick off each item on our check list and ensure that you're getting the best lift installation and maintenance service


A foremost requirement from a residential, home, and domestic lift company is expertise. Skills should span across specialised electrical, mechanical and architectural fields. The best Sydney lift company for you has the right mix of these expert fields. We are able to provide you with knowledgeable assessment, and comprehensive lift installation and maintenance services.

The team behind Velocity Lift Solutions has the skills and proper certifications that you need to rest assured – you get the home lift you've been dreaming of!


Velocity Home Lifts is a joint partnership that spans more than thirty years in the industry. That's actual on-hand experience you can count on to provide you with the best electrical and mechanical installation and maintenance work. Our team has gone through the many technology upgrades, and has consistently studied new techniques to improve how we work and the technologies we can work with.

Attention to Details / Diligence

A key to how we work is our attention to details, and the diligence we put into every project we do. This translates to very precise workmanship. You can rely on us to leave no bolts and screws unturned. We always look at each project as unique. Thus, we look for specific ways to provide the best, and most reliable and energy-efficient home lift for your location.

Have you been dreaming of the perfect home lift for your home? Contact Velocity Home Lifts today! Our project team will collaborate with you, in order to achieve the home lift that you've been dreaming of!

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